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This category isn't just for monsters. Monsters definitely should be placed here, but any animal or plant, mundane or magical, intelligent or mindless, benevolent or malicious, wild or civilized should be placed here as well ― and within its appropriate sub-category.

While many fantasy games have very generic and widely accepted definitions of particular types of creatures, there is no reason to feel confined to those definitions. Maybe the manticores of our world are different than those in standard D&D games. Or perhaps we have 'standard' manticores and many additional varieties not found anywhere else.

When creating an entirely new type of creature make a new page for it, but if your monster is derivative of a standard monsters, make the original monster page if it doesn't exist, and list the alternative version of the monster within the original creature's page. For example, if one wanted to create a new type of antelope called a 'Blueskin Antelope', make a page named 'Antelope' with a basic description of the animal, and then at the bottom of the page add your alternative version of the antelope with its relevant information.

If your creature is a variation that has a common sub-category type, like orcs, make a new page and place it within this category and the appropriate creature sub-category.

New creatures do not have to be physically different from others. Cultural differences are appropriate too. Elves adapted to bleak polar conditions, some sort of Snow Elf, could be physically identical to Wood Elves, but different enough culturally to warrant their own page.

This wiki is meant to be non-game specific, so creature abilities will have to be generalized. Enough detail should be given to allow a DM to adapt the idea to their own game. Its is acceptable to describe abilities and details of creatures with game specific content in the talk page of a creature.

Do not directly copy content from copy protected works. Game rules are not copy protected, but the verbiage of the rules is. Cite or reference rules when needed.


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