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How does one decide the boundary of one biome from another? When does the Black Forest become the Black Swamp? Nature can create very clear delineations, such as shoreline between land and sea, or it can be very gradual, where steppe plains gradually become tundra the further North one travels. And while one might know exactly when has gone from one biome into another, they'll definitely know when they are deep within it.

Pages in this category are for specific biomes and environments that have unique qualities that differentiate them from others. We all know what a mountain range is; what makes the Red Cloud Mountains different from the rest? Describe in as much detail as you can what type of flora and fauna exist in this region of land. Write about weather and temperatures ranges through the seasons. Include notable settlements and landmarks and what unique individuals and monsters are known to reside there.

Some focus should be given on the difficulties a player will have to surmount to survive in this location. How easy is it to find food and what kind of food is it? Is potable water readily available? Is it safe to camp here at night or should players seek protected areas. Are there major seasonal changes?

Most importantly, don't feel compelled to try to create a whole new make-believe environment in one sitting. Good ideas take time to develop. And try to leave space for others to add their own ideas. If you clearly define the feel of the place others contributors will have an easier time adding content that expands upon your original idea rather than misdirect or contradict it.



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