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Fantasy game worlds will have an incredible plethora of weird objects players can encounter, purchase, uncover, or purloin. Many of these items are things people can encounter here in the real world, or did back in the middle ages. Rope, for example, is a very common items found through real and make-believe worlds, present and past.

We don't need a page for rope here for that reason. Unless the rope you are imagining is somehow different that rope we all know very well, leave the rope page to Items that are already within official game sources is also not appropriate as that would place this site in jeopardy of copyright law. Finally, magical items that have no real distinction to them beyond an abstract game bonus are not advised; they should have at least some of connection to the game world to make them interesting.

A longsword + π may not be listed in the Dungeon Master's Guide, but it not something notable enough to warrant a page of its own.

Now, if you envision a special rope made of dark spiderweb silk woven by the Moon People of the Moon Valley or a ceremonial banded mail made from the chitinous surface skin of steppe stegasaurs then please create a page for it. Such things add depth and make the the game world more interesting.

Items can be magical or mundane. They may be readily obtainable or only spoken of in legend. They may be a type of item or a unique item.

There will additional sub-categories to help organize items as they are created. These will be categories based on the basic item type, such as weapons, armor, adventuring gear, etc. We might also add sub-categories for regional or cultural distinctions if enough items unique to a particular area are created.

Art for items is appreciate but not necessary. Do not upload art to this site that we don't have a legal right to host. Your own art or rights free art is suitable. AI generated art is also acceptable as long as its not something obviously altered from copy protected works.

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