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An NPC is a unique individual with sort on name to identify it. It can be of any race or species, mundane or supernatural in nature. They might be a lowly shopkeeper in a small town or a powerful god.

What is important is that the NPC is someone, or something, that you feel has at least a semi-permanent place in the game world. They are someone the players might want to meet; or they are someone that has notable sway on local events and players might want to curry favor with; or they might be someone best avoided or placated when when the former is impossible.

Most importantly they are someone a DM will have fun using in their own game. Anyone can make a bandit leader in their own game. What makes your particular bandit leader a fun addition to other games?

This category will have sub-categories for types of NPCs to keep things more organized. These categories may become numerous if the wiki is successful. Suitable sub-categories are races, species, professions, locations, and organizations.


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