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There will be many groups in a fantasy world, made up of people and creatures to further some common goal. These goals might be to pursue lofty ideologies, obtain great wealth, protect a secret, protect a trade, or gain and keep political power. An organization might be large with a complicated system to select new initiates, or small with a leader hand picking members, or it might be something very informal that welcomes all.

Aristocratic families, mercenary companies, trade guilds, thieves' guilds, secret societies, religious organizations, and wizard schools are all examples of organizations that are appropriate in a fantasy game world, through definitely not an exhaustive list.

When creating an organization, initial focus should be placed on the size of the group, its objectives and the means with which it tries fulfill them. And some details should be given in how such a group could come in contact or meddle in the affairs of the players. We don't need a page on the Whole Wheat Farmer's Association if such a group would never have dealings with adventures; in such an instance it can simply mentioned on the wiki page for the settlement or region where the group is located.

Some details should be given on the structure of the leadership of an organization, as generally the personalities a its leader or leaders will directly influence how the group reacts to change of events.

For groups player might become members of, additional details should be given on what a player will need to do to obtain membership and keep it.


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