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I suspect of all the pages on this site to be added in the future, pages for settlements have the most potential to be complicated. How does one summarize a community on a web-page? There are so many people, places, foods, customs, buildings, laws, goods, and history to go into.

Initially, focus should be placed on the physical description of the settlement: its size, the design and layout of the buildings and roads, defensive fortifications, and the land around it.

The village of Ostenguard lies in a small green valley between two hills alongside the river Oerenduil. The forty or so small homes are stretched in a long line along between western bank of the river and a single well-used dirt road that leads north to the capital and south to uncivilized lands. Wood is scarce so homes are made of piled rocks and topped with thatch. Small well-tended gardens are beside most homes. Several simple stone bridges cross the river to the easter banks where the village has farms of mostly rye and wheat. A large and well made windmill stands in them middle of the farm lands and is of notably better construction than the rest of the town. It is colorfully painted most of the time, the result of a yearly tradition that involves the town's children. Paths snake up both hills to wood towers equipped with large animal horns to be blown by guards to announce visitors or danger.

Some basic idea of who runs the settlement should be given as well. In the case of small settlements, a group of adventurers would very likely come into contact with whoever is in charge.

As a page for a settlement is expanded upon, notable NPCS and buildings can be added, each possibly with their own page, as well as recent history, events, conflicts, legends, demographics, local traditions, cuisine, and other details.

Its important to focus on elements with which players and DM will interact. Trivial and spurious details that just bloat a page and add little to game-play should be avoided or kept short and succinct.

The general size of a settlement can be summarize in the following way, in order of smallest to largest: hamlet, village, town, and city. Ruins of former settlements can also be listed here.

Art for settlements can be panoramic shots or maps. If a town sees a lot of activity and is used by several DMs, expect maps to be changed over time as new content is added.

Sub-categories will most likely appear on this page to help divide settlements along cultural/national lines.


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