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Welcome to the Beerded Dragon Inn.

Several years ago, a group of players in a fantasy RPG decided to make their own inn, dressed in the tokens, trophies, and fetishes they'd acquired through adventure. The establishment became a testament to their prowess and success.

Then it all went to shit. But the name of the inn was cool, so its being reborn as a wiki site for a select group of people to work on a collaborative world-building project for fantasy RPG games.

Why a wiki? Because wiki software is free and easy to use. This site uses the same wiki software that Wikipedia uses so new users should be semi-familiar with it.

Ok, so back to this 'collaborative world-building' thing I mentioned. What does that exactly mean?

Its means people that agreed to the rules of conduct, which I'll be calling The Beerded Bible, will be able to edit and create pages to describe the contents of a fantasy world: characters, nations, monsters, ancient relics, new animals, magic, or even regional food. Anything and everything one could encounter in a make-believe world filled with magic, monsters, and fairies.

It will not be a free-for-all. The Beerded Bible will describe the ground rules for what sort of content this make-believe world will have and what it won't. Anyone wishing to contribute to this wiki will have to swear on The Beeded Bible to follow these guide lines in good faith. This will hopefully create a sense of consistency and verisimilitude amongst all the content.

The content will also need to be free of specific RPG game rules. While D&D fifth edition is the most popular game at the moment, the content in this wiki is meant to be used in any fantasy RPG. A DM using this site will need to customize things pulled from here to fit their game, but that is something DMs need to know how to do regardless.

Finally, this world will be in a semi-static state. Much like the official campaign worlds of TSR and Wizards of the Coast, the world is a template for DMs to draw upon to run their own campaigns. Content can be added and expanded, but not adversely modified and definitely not destroyed. A city added by one user can not subsequently be destroyed by another because the city was destroyed in their own game.

Time stands still at The Beerded Dragon Inn.

As for now, June 21, 2023, the Inn is currently still being constructed. The Innkeeper (me) is building the templates and info boxes and categories and other tools needed to make the site as easy to use as possible. And the Bible still needs to be written and set as cannon.

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