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This is temporary content while I organize my ideas for rules on contributions to this wiki.

The Setting Goal

Create a background for fantasy gaming, one that provides a rich but not unlimited range of choices to both players and game masters (GMs). In addition, the successful design must establish sources of conflict and motivation for heroes and villains who act in the setting to entertain the players We are not trying to build an encyclopedic documentation of everything in the world. This a trap that creates reams of useless material with small nuggets of gold hidden within. If everything is defined, the GM has no latitude to invent their own material. The more detailed, the more lovingly described a region becomes, the more difficult it is for anyone to run it well or feel confident that they know the material. The goal is to build a tinderbox of ideas that can ignite an adventure. History will be mostly ignored except in which areas in affecte the present. It is a design trap to focus on places and people that no longer exist and have litte affect on the present besides why some place has a particular name. Game mechanics should be almost entirely avoided. A good setting can be used with any mechanical system. The more tied to particular game mechanic something is the less useful it becomes.

Beerded Bible

The Beerded Bible is a collection of rules, broken into categories called 'articles' that dictate what can and can not be added to the Inn and the methods in which they are added. All new users must swear by these rules before given access to edit and add new pages to the Beerded Dragon wiki. The Bible dictates the scope of the project and can only be altered if a super majority of users vote to do so. Users of the wiki will be referred to as Patrons of the Inn, or simply Patrons. The administrator of the wiki is referred to as the Doorkeep.

Articles that need to be defined

Articles of Commonality

  • A Patron can add new pages to the Beerded Dragon Wiki or edit existing ones.
  • A Patron's adventure cannot threaten to destroy the world or change it some fundamental way that alters or negates content already existing in the Bearded Dragon Inn.
  • Patrons will not add content that is game mechanical in nature. The world is to remain neutral to specific RPGs. Descriptions of content should be worded to emphasize their specific qualities in a way that another Patron can easily import it into their own game.
  • Patrons will not try to exert creative control over a specific section of the world in an attempt to claim it as their own. A shared world has little use if Patrons erect boundaries.
  • Patrons

Articles of Names

  • What is the name of the world as to be used within the project?
  • What do people that live there call it? Does it have more than one name?
  • What are the names of the major regions of world?
  • What are the the names of other planes of existene (if they exist)
  • What is the name of the sun (or suns)

Articles of Faith

  • How are divine entities defined in the game.
  • What are they?
  • Where do they reside?
  • How many are there?
  • Can they die?
  • Can new ones be created?
  • What limits are placed on them when interacting with the world (i.e. why can't they just do whatever they want?)
  • How are they organized?
  • What is the nature of worship of gods and what do gods gain from it?

Articles of Cosmology

  • Is there a multiverse?
  • If so, what structure does it have and how is the world related to it and positioned within it?
  • Does the universe mirror our own or is it different in fundamental ways
  • Does the universe have physics and chemisty or does it use an earlier system like the prime elements or something else entirely?
  • Does sight and sound work the same or is it based on earlier philoshophical models (i.e shadows are real things, sound originates in the mind, etc)
  • Is there an afterlife and if so where is it and how does it function?
  • Are there other planets, stars and galaxies? If so do they have any signicance, such as they are avatars of the gods, or portents of thigs to come, or form constelations. What is the solar system of our world like?
  • Is time travel possible?
  • What is space? Is it a void or something else? Can only fly to the moon? Do people travel through space?
  • Is alignment objective (i.e. good and evil, law and chaos are forces in the universe)?

Articles of The World

  • What is the shape of the world (sphere, cube, flat, something even weirder) ?
  • What is the climate (very hot, in an ice age, etc) ?
  • What is the general nature of land masses on the planet? Several large continents, a super continent, large amount of island?
  • How civilizied is the world? Are there small nations surrounded by unforgiving wildrness, a large empire or several large empires? nation states with defined boundaries, or are do nomadic tribes wander unsettled lands with a few well defended city states along the coasts and rivers?
  • Is there geology or does other forces (maybe magical or supernatural) explain the geography, climate, and weather of the world?
  • Does the world have a moon, several moons, or no moon. What are some of basic qualities of these moons if they exist?
  • Does the world have any other large planetary features, like rings?
  • Does the world spin, is there a coriiollis effect? Or does is the sun small and orbits the world like ancient civilizations on Earth believed?
  • Are their ruins of older civilizations? Were these more or less advanced?
  • Is there an underdark, and if so.. how big?

Articles of Science

  • What is the level of technological capabilities of the world?
  • Is the world parallel to a particular age on Earth, such as Classical Greece, or the Dark Ages, or the Renaissance? If so are they are any major difference?
  • Was science better in the past with examples of ancient devices existing in remote places?
  • Is science progressing today or is there a lack of scientific progress?
  • Is the planet magnetic? Do compasses work?

Articles of Magic

  • Is this a realistic fantary world or one of folklore with castles in the clouds? Or something in between? aka (High, Medium, or Low magic).
  • Is magic new or old?
  • Are there different kinds of magic?
  • How common are magic users?
  • If magic is common, is it institutionalized, i.e. there are schools and universities.
  • How common are magic items?
  • Are people fearful of magic or consider it a blessing?
  • Are their limits to magic?
  • Are there magical things about the world that stand out, like magical crystals, or winds of chaos or death roots fallng from the skies every 20 years.

Articles of Civilization

  • Is there a dominant race, such as humans with other races a minority or are is the world ruled by many different races nominally equal in power?
  • Is the world explored or are many places completely uknown, i.e. "Here be dragons."
  • Is there a common language or do different cultures have their own language? Will players travelling abroad have to to hire translators spend time and money learning a new tongue?
  • If there is an extensive underdark with its own races, how connected are they to the surface world? Are they xenophobic, secretive, beligerent, or friendly?
  • Are any standard D&D races not present in this world? Are there non-standard races that are much more common?

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